Sunday, October 11, 2009

The National City Christian Church, and Old town Alexandria

This past Friday I went to check out the National City Christian Church, which was build in 1929 and features a majestic 7,000 pipe Moller organ. The recital features different aspects of the organ in various pieces of musics ranging from classical to Hymns that make the whole church shake. It is fantastic for every age group because after the recital everyone is welcome to touch and play the organ as well and the many pipes that are one display. The recitals are every Friday at 12:15 to 1:00 and are free to the public!!

Yesterday Gary and I went to explore old town Alexandria, and I have to say that it was wonderful from the cobble stone streets, uneven brick sidewalks, up to the historical architecture. There are stores from antique, to clothes as well as plenty of place to eat. I can not wait to see it decorated for Christmas! It reminds me of what main street America is supposed to be; indepent stores coming together to create a hometown. Also, up here there are not Wal-Marts every 5 miles!

I will post some more news soon!

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