Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey Y'all!!

Let me start out by saying thanks for checking out my blog about our crazy adventures in the great big city! We have been up hear for about two months now and if is official I am in sweet tea withdraw! If anyone knows where I can get a good glass of sweet tea in DC please write and tell me.

We have had a blast getting to visit the Smithsonian Museums-The Native American Museum, The Natural History Museum, The National Zoo, The National Art Museum, and the Smithsonian Castle-and the great thing is they are all free!! As well as visiting the Smithsonian Museums, we have been doing research in the National Archives, which anyone can do for free. There is access to documents as far back as the American Revolution.

This past weekend was the Mid-Atlantic Dachshund fest which had dachshunds attending from everywhere and I am happy to say Odie came in second in the semi-finals!

I will post some more news soon!


  1. Cool!
    Can't wait to hear more...

  2. Me too.. did not know you had moved. Is this temporary or permanent? FIll us in on the details! I love DC.

  3. Living it up! Do keep us all posted!